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   Links to papers on Dialogic OD by Gervase R. Bushe and Robert J. Marshak

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Papers for Practitioners
Academic Papers
The Dialogic Mindset for Generative Change (The Change Handbook, 3rd edition, 2018)

The Dialogic OD Approach to Transformation and Change
(Practicing OD, 4th Edition, 2016)

Introduction to the book, Dialogic Organization Development (Berrett-Koehler, 2015)

Accelerating Transformational Change: A CHO Group Session wtih Gervase Bushe (presentation summary, 2015)

Introducton to the Special Issue on Dialogic OD (OD Practitioner, 2013)

OD morphogenesis: The emerging dialogic platform of premises, (Practicing Social Change, 2010)

The Postmodern Turn in OD: From Diagnosis to Meaning-Making (OD Practitioner, 2008)

Generative Leadership. (Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership, 2019)

Planned and Generative Change in Organization Development. (OD Practitioner, 2018)

Language and Organizational Agility in Practice (Agility.X, 2018)

Transforming Leadership (Practicing Social Change, 2017)

Anxiety and Change in Contemporary
Organization Development
(OD Practitioner, 2016)

Consulting for Change in the Moment (Consultation for Org Change Revisitied, 2016)

My Journey into Dialogic OD (OD Pracitioner, 2015)

Working with Emergent Change (AI Practitioner Feature Choice, February 2015)

Dialogic Organization Development (NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change, 2nd Ed., 2014)

Dialogic OD: A Theory of Practice (OD Practitioner, 2013)

Leveraging language for change. (OD Practitioner, 2013)

The controversy over diagnosis in contemporary organization development. (OD Practitioner, 2013)

Dialogic OD: Turning Away from Diagnosis (Practicing OD, 3rd Ed. 2010)

Being the Container in Dialogic OD (Practicing Social Change, 2010)

Generative conversations: How to use deep listening and transforming talk in coaching and consulting.  (OD Practitioner, 2004)

Managing the metaphors of change. (Organizational Dynamics, 1993)
Individual Cognitive Effort and Cognitive Transition during Organization Development (J of Applied Behavioral Science 2018)

The Dialogic Mindset: Leading Emergent Change in a Complex World (prepared for OD Journal Special Issue, 2016)

The Dialogic Mindset in OD (Research in ODC, 2014)

Generative Process, Generative Outcome: The Transformational Potential of Appreciative Inquiry (Advances in Appreciative Inquiry, 2013)

Propositions about Transforming Organizations Through Dialogic OD (2012)

Revisioning OD: Diagnostic & Dialogic Premises and Patterns of Practice (J of Applied Beh Sci, 2009) Winner of the Douglas McGregor Award

Further Reflections on Diagnostic and Dialogic OD (JABS, 2009)

Organizational Discourse and New OD Practices. (British Journal of Management, 2008)

Emerging directions: Is there a new OD? (Jossey-Bass Reader in OD, 2006)

Changing the language of change: How new contexts and concepts are challenging the ways we think and talk about organizational change.  (J of Strategic Change, 2002)

A Discourse on Discourse: Redeeming the Meaning of Talk. (Discourse and Organizations, 1998).